EM Delivery Date Scheduler

Delivery DateLast updated: 2022-08-20

Once the merchant has activated the "Delivery Date" widget for the checkout, the Delivery Date Configuration Page helps in setting up the dates available for customer selection.

Future Days Range

The merchant has the option to define the range of future days within which customers can select a date during the checkout process. The merchant needs to choose the desired range from the tab in order to activate the specific date range. The default value will be "0".

Sample future day configuration for 7 days

Drag the range selector to 7 days and confirm the settings.

Blackout Dates

Merchants can limit customer date selections by incorporating blackout dates for some specific dates.

Manually Adding Blackout Dates

To include Blackout dates, the merchant needs to click on the button Add Another Blackout Date and select the desired date to add as Blackout dates individually.

Users on a premium plan will have unlimited access to this feature, whereas those on a basic plan will be limited to a maximum of 5 dates.

Blackout dates with Bulk Upload

This feature is only for the users with the premium plan. For this, merchants have the option to upload a CSV file containing blackout dates.

There are no restrictions on the number of dates in the CSV, meaning merchants can upload the file with an unlimited number of blackout dates.

Blackout Days

To disable specific days, the merchant can toggle the days they wish to restrict using the "Blackout Days" option.

*The changes will reflect only after they confirm the setting by clicking the "Save" button.

Delivery TimeLast updated: 2022-08-20

To enable customers to pick time slots during the checkout process, make a selection from the list of provided time slots.

Click on the Add Custom Time Slot button to add the desired custom time slot. Then Choose the time slots that need to be provided for the customer to select during the checkout.

Default time slot is 09:00 AM To 06:00 PM

*The changes will reflect only after they confirm the setting by clicking the "Confirm Settings" button.

Configure TextLast updated: 2022-08-20

The merchant can configure the front label and order the admin note attribute key. Add the label content to the provided area and save the changes. The order note attribute key and front-end label will taken default values, if the label are not configured.

Default Labels

Attribute Frontend Label
Delivery Date Delivery Date Delivery Date
Delivery TIme Time Slot Time Slot
Gift Note Gift Note Gift Note
Delivery Note Delivery Note Delivery Note

*The changes will reflect only after they confirm the setting by clicking the "Save" button.

SettingsLast updated: 2022-08-20

The General Configuration allows merchants to enable widgets according to their preferences. Merchants have the option to choose "Date Picker", "Time slot", "Gift note", and "Delivery note" to upsell their business based on their specific needs.

For example, to activate the "Delivery Date" widget on the checkout page, enable the "Delivery Date" option and then click "Confirm Settings".

Following the same method, the merchant has the ability to activate settings such as Delivery Date, Delivery Time Scheduler, Gift Note, and Delivery Note.

Confirm the settings to track the changes.

Adding the widget to the frontend

To add the chosen widget at the forefront, navigate to the settings in Shopify and choose the Checkout option.

From the editor, select the desired checkout page to add the widget such as Information, Shipping, and Payment Click the "Add App Block" button and select the required app block from the provided list.

Then, drag the position within the list to a location where the widget fits more appropriately.

Then click on the Save to confirm the settings.

Instruction VideoLast updated: 2022-08-20