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Upgrade your Shopify store product listings with the EM Variant Description app. Effortlessly highlight unique variant details to present your products in a smarter way.

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Key Features

Variant Product Description

Optimize your product page with the Variant Description app that enables you to provide tailored data for each variant, enhancing a better shopping experience.

Variant Product Images

The EM Variant Description App enables you to display distinct images for each variant, ensuring customers can see exactly what they're getting.

Hassle-free Set-Up

With user-friendly instructions & intuitive interfaces, easily integrate the app into your Shopify store without facing any complexities or technical challenges.

Customize unlimited products

Experience the advantages of the EM Variant Description app, featuring limitless product customization within the premium version & accommodating up to 5 products in the free version.

About EM Variant Description App

If you manage a Shopify store that features products with multiple variants, it's highly probable that you'll require distinct descriptions for each product variant. Even though Shopify offers a rich text editor for detailed product descriptions, complexities arise when we need to incorporate different content for each product variant. To solve this, we've developed the EM Variant Description app, which seamlessly helps merchants to effortlessly add descriptions and images to each product variant on the Shopify product page. It lets you set unique descriptions for your product variants with the help of a rich text editor and show variant descriptions on the product page.

EM Variant Description app optimizes the shopping experience for customers, aids in better communication, and ultimately contributes to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Custom shopify app & theme development company

Pricing Plans

We have plans and Prices that fit your business perfectly



Limited to 5 products

Add/Update Variant Descriptions and Images

View Images and Descriptions according to the selected variant in frontend



Unlimited Products

Add/Update Variant Descriptions and Images

View Images and Descriptions according to the selected variant in frontend

Upgrade your product listing with distinct variant descriptions

Different ways you can utilize the Product Options App

Perfectly optimize your Variant product pages without altering codes and seeking a simple straightforward remedy! The EM Variant Description App offers a convenient solution that facilitates the effortless and uncomplicated creation of distinct descriptions and images for your product variants.

Crafting distinct information for product variants holds significance in explaining product features to your customer. This not only simplifies comprehension for your customers but also potentially leads to heightened sales and fewer returns. The most noteworthy aspect is that there's no requirement for coding, and any modifications can be promptly applied to your store within minutes.

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