EM Delivery Scheduler – Plus

Transform your business's upselling efficiency with the EM Delivery Scheduler – Plus App, all while enhancing your customer's delivery experience into a personalized journey.

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Key Features

Delivery Date Scheduler

This feature empowers customers to set an exact delivery date for their orders. Merchants can effortlessly personalize future days and blackout dates for enhanced flexibility.

Delivery Time Slot

Provide customers with the option to select a specific time slot on their chosen delivery date. Merchants can seamlessly add time slots, ensuring convenient order delivery arrangements.

Personalized Gift Note

Upgrade your customers' shopping journey with a dedicated widget to add custom gift messages. This thoughtful gesture offers a unique experience, fostering upsell opportunities.

Custom Delivery Note

Upgrade your Shopify store by enabling customers to include personalized delivery messages with their orders, streamlining the merchant's delivery process more effectively.

About EM Delivery Scheduler – Plus App

The EM Delivery Scheduler – Plus app aims to revolutionize your customer's delivery journey with a personalized delivery experience while also helping your businesses upsell more efficiently. This app offers widgets to select adaptable delivery dates and times. Additionally, it allows for the inclusion of personalized gift messages and custom delivery notes for each order.

By giving customers the freedom to handpick their delivery date and time, you cater to their convenience and preference at the forefront. Particularly beneficial for time-sensitive orders like birthday surprises or other special occasions.

The option for customers to include personalized gift notes infuses an emotional resonance into each present. What's more, the app equips customers with the capability to craft delivery notes related to the product's journey to its recipient.

These app features can contribute to elevating your business by seamlessly merging enhanced customer satisfaction with efficient upselling techniques.

Custom shopify app & theme development company

Pricing Plans

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Basic Plan


Delivery Date picker on Check out Page

Personalized Gift Note

Upto 10 Blackout dates

Premium Plan


Delivery Date picker on Check out Page

Delivery Time Slot

Gift Note

Delivery Note

Blackout Dates Bulk Upload

Unlimited Blackout dates

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EM Delivery Scheduler – Plus: A Must-Have Feature for Your E-commerce Store

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring customer satisfaction is essential for the success of any thriving e-commerce store. The EM Delivery Scheduler – Plus stands as an indispensable feature in achieving this goal. By seamlessly integrating the app into your Shopify store, you offer a personalized and smooth shopping experience, granting customers enhanced control and convenience over their deliveries. This, in turn, fosters trust and loyalty, making the EM Delivery Scheduler a vital asset for your business.

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